Defrance Productions is a boutique wedding film company run by an english and french speaking team.

Beyond any technical aspect, Defrance Productions believes their mission as wedding videographer, is to focus on people. Their ambition is to create an artistic, exclusive film that will highlight your destination experience and emotions.

Defrance brides and grooms are beauty seekers, lovers of travel, stylish couples living in harmony with their emotions and who simply love life. Therefore, Defrance Productions’ approach as a fine art videographer is to provide a gentle curation of honest moments into an elevated timeless video where music is paramount.




Fine art, soulful films crafted for those with wanderlust.

Cinematographers, Film directors and creatives

founded by Greg & Olivia Defrance





IT’s always about people first

Greg studied in a cinematography school. He specialized in how sound and music can elevate an audiovisual piece of art and truly understands the aesthetic requirements to produce a beautiful wedding film.  Besides filming and editing, Olivia makes sure couples enjoy a flawless experience that allows space for authenticity.

They provide a bespoke service that requires technical and artistic skills but remains a hundred percent people oriented. Together, they support each other throughout each wedding event, bringing the same level of care and attention to every client, no matter the wedding size or venue.

why we do what we do

In french we say ‘Il n’y a pas de hasard, que des rendez-vous’. That means, ‘Everything happens for a reason in life’. We never tought becoming destination wedding videographers, but life brought us here few years ago then it became obvious. Our wanderlust hearts believe in cultivating and cherishing sacred moments and lifelong memories so we kept going creating video memories with authenticity and soul.

After many years of documenting weddings, we are known for our refined artistry, elegant style, and creative passion. We get to interact with amazing people who entrust us and our team and feel grateful for that.

Each year, we work with a limited number of clients to ensure every couple receives special care for their wedding day. Our bookings are kept to a minimum so we can create unique videos for each couple to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Let’s connect

Your wedding video is something to cherish for the rest of your life. Our goal is for you to love your video in 20 years as much as you do today. Whether you’re looking for a Paris wedding videographer, a France wedding videographer or a destination videographer, we’re here to film your wedding in a way that is thoughtful, and professional.

Thank you for spending time on our website, have a look through our portfolio and please get in touch if you’d like to work with us or need more information about our services.






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