We serve a discerning clientele  with impeccable taste, looking for authenticity and the elegance of simplicity in their videos.

The Wedding video by Defrance Productions

The journey begins by getting to know how you got to this very point. Our mission is not only to highlight the « how » of your love, but most importantly the  « why » of your love to help you remind yourselves why you committed to each other, especially when life becomes tough.

We value the personalities of our clients, and we want them to shine through in our films. We’re all about capturing the big moments of roaring joy and the small moments of quiet euphoria that make up the genuine essence of an event. I’t’s important to us that clients can revisit a feeling when watching our films. Our style is recognizable, cinematic and made of storytelling.  


The wedding video, an investment for life.

Wedding video is often referred to as a “lifetime movie”. One thing is for sure, your wedding video will be part of your family journey,  for the rest of your lives, to provide you a the long term benefit. That is why, we believe  it is an investment made by couples willing to invest in their story. 

Weddings & Destination weddings, Defrance Productions

Multi-day destinations

We are available worldwide to document Destination weddings.

One of the huge benefits is having your very own cinematographers with you for the duration of your stay is that  you can tell the entire story of your wedding, from the day before to the day after, taking full advantage of your destination wedding location.

We are always ready to pack our passports for weddings across the world in beautiful locations our brides and grooms fell in love with. We want to guarantee that our clients will get high quality imagery to capture their special day.  After all, so much time and effort goes into planning the perfect destination wedding, why would you not want to capture the day as a perfect memory.

Capturing new scenery and exploring with our couples drives us creatively. We would love to hear about your dream destination wedding.

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