Defrance Productions

France & Destination Wedding Videographers. Defrance Productions films are cinematic, authentic and timeless.

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At Defrance Productions, we believe luxury is all about experience and exclusivity. We serve a limited number of elegant couples from around the globe. Our mission is to help them invest in unique videos to document their wedding, destination wedding or elopement.

We believe in marriage and real life-long kind of love. As well, we believe marriage is a covenant and it is holy. Also, we believe it is important to highlight “how” you love each other,  but most importantly “why” you love each other. Clearly, this is what we love doing as a husband and wife cinematography team.

« Collect moments. Invest in your story »

Your wedding day will be full of emotion, beautiful words and special moments. Therefore, we love using storytelling to narrate your day, through strong moments, details, and adapted visual and sound atmospheres, in our videos.

Cinematography, Audio and Image quality are core to us. The couple session, the storytelling and the editing are closely linked  to our signature. Besides, the tailor-made support we provide is also a great part of the experience we provide.

We care about creating and preserving timeless memories and experiences for our clients, because a wedding is rare enough in a lifetime and meaningful enough, to deserve the best we can provide. Definitely, we believe a wedding film is an investment the couple does for a long-term benefit.

« We love beauty when seen and heard. »

We believe that words and sounds are powerful indicators of who you are and how you feel. For that reason, we provide an accurate audio quality in our videos. Our films are are cinematic, timeless, designed as lifetime goods that will integrate your family heirloom.



We value your memories because we infinitely cherish our own. Clearly, we believe in excellence, authenticity and elegance that discreetly crosses the ages without a single wrinkle.



Invest in your Story

Your wedding day is only the beginning of a beautiful adventure, and we believe that investing in your memories, is investing in your story.

An ode to our brides

Our brides are modern, open-minded and multicultural, due to their travels, multilingualism, or due to their origins. They marry in France or abroad.⁣ ⁣They are elegant and their smile is their best make up. In many ways “Less is More” is their motto.⁣ They know how to give their opinion, take matters into their own hands when necessary, and take on the choices they make with their fiancé for their wedding (exit family pressure).⁣

 Their key words : Consistency, Projection, Action

The wedding video is the only living memory left of the wedding. These women project themselves over the long term, invest, make choices that are consistent with who they are and their priorities, and then they just go for it.⁣

Planning, styling : MadameWeddingDesign | Floral : Floraison Paris | Beauty : Widnie Alexis | Photographer : Franklyn Kw