Is one wedding videographer enough? Through our experience, we can tell there is always two sides of a story. Therefore, two instead of one wedding videographer happens to be the perfect number to us for a standard wedding.

We are Greg and Olivia Defrance, wedding videographers and owners of Defrance Productions. Also, we are a husband and wife team, serving a discerning clientele made of soon-to-be married couples with exquisite taste, looking for authenticity and the elegance of simplicity in their videos. We are Paris based, and travel for destination weddings.

The ideal wedding videographer is about the “how” and the “why”. 

Not only do we want to capture the physical beauty of our clients’ weddings, but also highlight the reason why they love each other and the emotions that naturally goes along with this. Consequently, we take a laidback approach to put our couples at ease and make them comfortable while enjoying the biggest day of their lives in front of our cameras.

We believe in the excellence, diversity, authenticity and elegance that passes through the ages without a single wrinkle.

Our style is recognizable, cinematic and made of storytelling. Clearly, we believe that every word, every sound, is an important vector of your emotions, and that is the reason why we like to create unique audiovisual works, in which sound is at least as important as image.

We serve a limited number of couples each year. Whether you are in Paris or on a more distant destination in France or abroad, we come to help you enrich your family’s heirloom with quality cinematic works. Until we meet, here’s a little bit of us.


Cinematographer • Editor

  • Grew up with a passion for music and film making
  • Plays many music intruments
  • Is passionate about the dimension that audio brings to the visual
  • Studied audio-visual sound engineering before heading to video production
  • Has french, italian and american origins
  • Rarely says no to a good beer especially after several weeks on a big project


This is us

Owners and Lovers

  • Live in Paris area, France
  • Became best friends long before falling in love
  • Had their first moments of complicity during music practice
  • Organized their wedding within 2 months : it was a success but we do not reccomend
  • Are parents to a little boy who is crazy about the song «baby shark»
  • Speak both english and french
  • Love traveling and plan to do more


Cinematographer • Client experience

  • Practices singing since she was ten
  • Graduated from an engineering school
  • Remembers easily small details about our couples
  • Loves showing that every culture can sublimated and told with simplicity
  • Always has handkerchiefs on her for the brides on D-Day
  • Has plenty of ideas to enrich the emotional journey of our couples on D-Day