10 years. It has been almost 10 years since we started documenting private events and filming incredible weddings with remarkable couples from all over the world. Destination wedding videographers based in France and available to travel, we are also a married couple, parents of a little boy.

We specialize in multi days destination weddings. We are in love with emotions, storytelling and details. Our approach to fine art is influenced by natural light with close attention to the moment, color, composition, details and movement.

Defrance Productions couple portait in château de Varennes

‘He is the half with that engineer mind who loves capturing everything that made your day special.  The way Greg captures each event implies getting the best of you visually, and getting the best of how you sound.

He has a laidback approach with couples to capture authenticity, and guide them when necessary, to get the best angle, the best of natural light that will lead to that elegant aesthetic and cinematic look we craft. Also, when editing, music is paramount to him and the starting point to create each film.’


My favorite quote : ‘Do not say a few things in many words, but say a lot in few words.’  Pythagore.

It is funny to observe that a lot of grooms relate to this quote and instantly feel comfortable with me. This quote reflects a lot my personality and the way I love creating films. A shorter lenght than traditional videos and a maximum of emotion.

Defrance Productions couple portait in château de Varennes
olivia DEFRANCE,

She provides all the assistance you need throughout the process. Whether you dream to have a first look, an adventure session, with us filming  you hanging out and walking through the landscape/city , or something else, she will help with the timeline and  guide you .

Planners, couples and I find her amazingly supportive. There are few women in filmaking, So I am proud to see a woman, my woman, bringing  her creativity, her love for the details  and that feminine perspective when filming, and during post production.’


My favorite quote : “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Maya Angelou.

This quote reflects the kind of experience we  provide. We listen to you, we create the bespoke service you need and make sure couples and planners we work with feel amazing and supported.






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