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Our definition of Wedding videographer goes beyond ‘the person using a video camera on your wedding day.’ If you are here it is because you believe a wedding videographer has much more to offer you.


We believe in marriage, in a real life-long kind of love, and in the kind of beauty that nevers fades. Explorers and storytellers, we are seekers—searching for something more: something bigger, and more beautiful than we’ve ever known. This is because we want to capture and highlight what can bring more beauty and more hope into this world and in people’s lives.

If you want an experience that allows you to relive your day moment by moment in a beautiful, timeless and cinematic film, you are in the right place.

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Defrance Productions is a boutique wedding film company founded by Greg Defrance, wedding videographer and his wife Olivia, wedding videographer as well.

For the past five years they have been doumenting exceptional couples, as they celebrate their marriage and take their relationships to deeper levels of commitment and enduring love. They specialise in destination weddings and mainly operate in France, but also abroad.


Defrance Productions couple portait in château de Varennes

Greg, Cinematographer

‘The way Greg captures an event implies getting the best of you visually, and getting the best of how you sound. He has a laidback approach with couples to capture authenticity, and guide them when necessary, in order to get the best angle, the best of natural light that will lead to that elegant aesthetic and cinematic look we craft. Also, when editing, music is paramount to him and the starting point to create each film.’


Olivia, Cinematographer

‘She is the master of preproduction and helps me make sure you have all the assistance you need before your event. Whether you want to have a first look before your ceremony, a couple session,  fireworks, she will help with the timeline and guide you through the process. Planners, couples and I find her amazingly supportive. When filming, and during editing, she brings that feminine perspective,  creativity and her great sense of detail.’



We want to capture and highlight stories that can bring more beauty and more hope into this world and in peoples’ lives.

We do not save lives, but we help hearts beat by providing emotionnaly engaging films that make people feel alive.

Consider it getting a ticket to journey back in time to relive beautiful meaningful moments of life.






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